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Saturday P and C/G finally met, after me talking to both of them about the other for a year! C/G also brought along his friend Z, whom I had been hearing about for a year but never met; therefore, lunch was a must-needed introduction.

Anyways, for our rendezvous we were looking for a good, reasonably priced eatery in TST. After some searching, we decided on Good Satay, which I had seen many times on OpenRice with its 300+ smiley faces, but never visited. It’s kind of tucked away in a mall called the Houston Centre; I think the closest MTR exit is East TST P2.

For the four of us, we ordered the mee goreng (fried noodles), hainan chicken rice (half chicken), beef bagus (sauteed beef) and a beef brisket curry. We also got two orders of mixed satay (one order has six skewers; your choice of beef, chicken, or pork). The favorites were definitely the mee goreng and chicken rice! The latter was really close to what I’ve eaten in Singapore (though not quite on the level of the Maxwell Hawker Centre, but still quite good); I wish there was a little more ginger seasoning with the chicken, but overall, very yummy. The mee goreng was also savory. Highly recommended. The brisket curry had some really soft potato pieces in it that made me smack my lips in happiness. I didn’t think the meat was anything to write home about, though. My least favorite was the beef bagus, due to a really overpowering taste – prawn sauce, maybe? In any case, I’ll probably give it a pass next time. The eponymous satay was nice, too, with substantial skewers of meat and good peanut sauce.

We came for lunch so there was no difficulty getting a seat. Z said she came for dinner before and there was a long line of people waiting outside. Totally worth it, but try to book if you go in the evenings!

Good Satay
Shop 144-148, Houston Centre
63 Mody Square
2739 9808
Cost: ~ $80 HKD/person


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