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Sorry about the month-long hiatus, but travelling has kept me busy over the past few weeks! That means I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and some of it involves pre-Christmas noshing — including this gem-of-a-Thai-food-joint in Kowloon City, the district for the best Thai food in Hong Kong. I call this post “Kowloon City Thai Food (Part I)” because knowing me, there will surely be more additions.

Tastes like Thai(land)

In mid-December, P and I went Kowloon-side for an afternoon. As a fellow Thai food aficionado, I knew he would appreciate Amporn Thaifood, located in the cooked food center of the Kowloon City street market. IMHO, Amporn does some of the most authentic Thai food in town, and at amazingly reasonable prices. The mixed satay plate (beef and pork) was the perfect balance of sweet and savory, especially when paired with the accompanying peanut sauce (so good P was eating everything with it!). The green curry chicken (my staple when I eat Thai) was truly “Thai spicy.” Delicious – and just like the way I’d had it in Thailand. Even with another main dish, a dessert of Mango with sticky rice, and a large bottle of Chang, the bill was still south of $100 a person.

Amporn Thaifood
Shop 9, 3/F
Kowloon City Market (on the corner of Nga Tsin Wai Rd and Hau Wong Rd)
2716 3689
Cost: ~ $85/person


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