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P always makes fun of me for my inability to make decisions. Often before we go out to eat, I research multiple websites to find one great restaurant. My indecisive tendencies have probably cumulatively delayed our meals somewhere around 12.3 hours over the course of a year. Thus, he made me promise that one day I’d just go with the flow and walk into any old restaurant without any prior research whatsoever.

I guess that day was yesterday…and I kind of did it. Basically, P and I tried out a new restaurant with A and P (not the grocery) that they had discovered in TST. A and P said they were walking in TST one night when they were approached by one of the many South Asian salespeople in the area; he led them into the Mughal Club, a wonderful Halal Indian restaurant you might otherwise never find by yourself. Giving directions to the restaurant sounds like something from a scavenger hunt: It’s located in Haiphong Mansion, which has an address on Nathan Road. Forget that – enter through Haiphong Road (I believe the exact number is 53-55 Haiphong Road). Then take the elevators to the second floor. When you get off the elevator, turn right immediately. It’s the first door you encounter.

Anyways, when we walked in, it looked like any run-of-the-mill Indian place you might find in Chungking Mansions – kind of a hole in the wall. But man, the food was good! We ordered four dishes: Butter chicken, palak paneer, chicken tikka masala, and baingan bharta, an eggplant dish I’d never had before. My favorites were the chicken tikka masala (sorry for the fuzzy pic!) and the palak paneer. I loved that the chicken definitely had a kick to it! There was no holding back on the heat, as is so often done when Indian restaurants try to cater to HK palates. This was full-on, authentic spice! I also loved how I’d get a hit of cilantro every so often.

Chicken tikka masala, how I love thee!

The palak paneer was also awesome because, as you can see, the spinach really was the star. In a lot of restaurants where I’ve had this, the spinach is darker and seems to lose some of its spinach-y flavor. This palak paneer was green and lovely. I could taste the vegetable with every bite.

The colorful palak paneer

I was really surprised at how undiscovered Mughal Club is. We went on a Saturday night and besides us, there were only two tables, both occupied by South Asian families (we all took this as a good sign). I’d definitely urge all Indian food aficionados to try this place out – the food is worth the challenge of finding it! Also, if you get a Mughal Club card, it’s 10% off your total bill (which was already amazingly cheap for us – we ordered the four dishes, drinks, three types of naan and two rotis for under $100 each).

Spread the word, friends, spread the word.

Mughal Club
2/F, Haiphong Mansion, 53-55 Haiphong Road
Cost: ~ $70/person


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P and I recently booked a trip to Japan for National Day (yeah!). It’ll be my first time there and after doing tons of research on Tokyo and hearing everyone describe the amazing food culture, I’ve totally been on a sushi kick. My cravings were compounded when P and I watched a dubbed Iron Chef Japan episode where an Edo-mae sushi master took on Morimoto. In the morning we woke up jonesin’ for Japanese, so we headed to Mi-Ne Sushi in Causeway Bay.

The place is located just off Lee Garden Road; it’s a side street that I actually never wandered down before. We arrived right at 11:30 when they opened. You can sit at the sushi bar or at tables. Both options allow you to directly order sushi, sashimi, etc. We opted for the bar and trained our eyes on the colorful plates circling in front of us. My favorites of the day were the tomago sushi and the shrimp tempura roll. I loved how the tomago was a little bit sweet as usual, but more savory than others I’ve tried (kind of the way I’d expect an omelette to be). The shrimp tempura roll was substantial; when you bit into the tempura, the flavors of fried goodness and toasted sesame seeds filled your mouth. Yum.

Shrimp tempura rolls

I also enjoyed the salmon rolls we ordered. Ironically, though, I was most impressed by the nori and not the salmon. The nori was still a little bit crispy with a nice pull to it; there was none of the limp, slightly soaked textures I’ve experienced before. A definite winner in my book.

Salmon rolls

I liked Mi-Ne for the items I listed above, but IMHO, I think Genki actually has a better selection of sushi on the conveyor belts. I also wished Mi-Ne had more side dishes, like edamame and soba (P razzed me all day for finding the only sushi restaurant in HK that doesn’t have soba…apparently he was craving it). Perhaps the one in Mongkok has these things? I haven’t investigated. But, I’d definitely go back to Mi-Ne someday for more sushi. There can never be too much sushi in your life, right?

Mi-Ne Sushi
G/F, 12 Pak Sha Road
3188 2440
Cost: ~ $80/person

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Saturday P and C/G finally met, after me talking to both of them about the other for a year! C/G also brought along his friend Z, whom I had been hearing about for a year but never met; therefore, lunch was a must-needed introduction.

Anyways, for our rendezvous we were looking for a good, reasonably priced eatery in TST. After some searching, we decided on Good Satay, which I had seen many times on OpenRice with its 300+ smiley faces, but never visited. It’s kind of tucked away in a mall called the Houston Centre; I think the closest MTR exit is East TST P2.

For the four of us, we ordered the mee goreng (fried noodles), hainan chicken rice (half chicken), beef bagus (sauteed beef) and a beef brisket curry. We also got two orders of mixed satay (one order has six skewers; your choice of beef, chicken, or pork). The favorites were definitely the mee goreng and chicken rice! The latter was really close to what I’ve eaten in Singapore (though not quite on the level of the Maxwell Hawker Centre, but still quite good); I wish there was a little more ginger seasoning with the chicken, but overall, very yummy. The mee goreng was also savory. Highly recommended. The brisket curry had some really soft potato pieces in it that made me smack my lips in happiness. I didn’t think the meat was anything to write home about, though. My least favorite was the beef bagus, due to a really overpowering taste – prawn sauce, maybe? In any case, I’ll probably give it a pass next time. The eponymous satay was nice, too, with substantial skewers of meat and good peanut sauce.

We came for lunch so there was no difficulty getting a seat. Z said she came for dinner before and there was a long line of people waiting outside. Totally worth it, but try to book if you go in the evenings!

Good Satay
Shop 144-148, Houston Centre
63 Mody Square
2739 9808
Cost: ~ $80 HKD/person

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